Q&A with James Bagshaw from Temples

Originally from Kettering, England, the psychedelic rock band Temples was born in 2012 when the singer James Edward Bagshaw met the bassist Thomas Warmsley. Temples is now considered one of the best British formations. We did an interview with James Bagshaw about the band’s second album "Volcano," their influences, and writing more personal lyrics.

Temples – Volcano: Album Review

English rock band Temple is back with their second full-length studio album "Volcano" as they continue to hone their sound in the three years since their critically acclaimed debut album "Sun Structures." Like a sculptor with a piece of clay, Volcano released by Heavenly Records, confirms that this band has learned and grown from their…

Lola Loves… Psychedelic Album Covers

Album covers used to be funky. Take a look at some of these 60s and 70s record sleeves and you'll see what we mean. No self-indulgent artist portraits and heavily retouched photographs here. Nowadays, with the popularity of buying single songs, you might not even know what its album art looks like. Which is a…