Lola Loves… The Museum of Endangered Sounds

Remember the whir of a rewinding tape? The spin of a rotary dial? Maybe you're younger, and the sounds that bring you back are more modern: the Nokia ringtone, or that high pitched ICQ notification (half greeting, half chirp). These sounds, once common to the point of saturation, have slowly faded away with the advent…

Stoned Immaculate Vintage Lookbook – “Last Daze of Disco”

The only three adjectives you need to remember for Stoned Immaculate Vintage’s lookbook "Last Daze of Disco" are the words sexy, funky, and dreamy. It’s a great interpretation of the golden era style of the 70s. The production for the photo shoot is clever and immaculate. Each image emotes a feeling that reflects on the good old times—the carefree times of Saturday Night Fever—that have past but still live within these pictures.

Vintage Photos from Russia “Instagram Style”

Pioneer colour photographer, Sergey Prokudin-Gorskii, captures Russia as it was at the beginning of the 20th century “Instagram style.” A chemist by trade, Prokudin-Gorskii is interested in the science of color photography and studied with experts in Berlin and Paris. To create colour images, he had to take three consecutive photos: the first using a…

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