Lola Who is a source of inspiration in music and photography with a taste for the exotic and the road less travelled. Lola Who encourages emerging artists from all over the world. It’s a destination for anyone looking to escape and discover new sounds and places.

Lola Who is the brainchild of Helene R. Hidalgo, radio host, broadcast journalist and urban adventurer. She hosted a live radio show on CISM 89,3 FM for five years in her native Montreal where she became well acquainted with the Montreal music scene. She then worked as an Associate Producer for the CBC in Toronto. Her adventurous spirit has led her to travel all over the world. New York, Stockholm, Bangkok, Nairobi, no place is ever too far.  She lived in Berlin for two years where she delve into the world of industrial techno and electronic music. She is currently based in Paris. Lola Who is the title of a song from Plants and Animals, and one of her ultimate favorite songs.