Lola Who is a source of inspiration in the world of art and photography, with a passion for exploring the exotic and the road less travelled. Lola Who actively supports artists from all over the globe, making it a destination for anyone seeking to escape and discover fresh artistic talents.

Lola Who is the brainchild of Lola Helena, a former radio host, broadcast journalist, and globetrotter.

For five years, Helena had the pleasure of hosting a variety of radio shows on CISM 89.3 FM and on CKUT 90.3 FM. One of her most popular shows was the “Live Sessions”. During this time, she became well acquainted with the vibrant music scene in Montreal, which shaped her artistic sensibilities.

Subsequently, she worked as an Associate Producer for the CBC in Toronto before moving to Berlin. Her time in Berlin was mostly spent organizing the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week and soaking up the darkwave vibes of the industrial techno scene. After two years in Berlin, she moved to Paris, where she resided for another two years, wandering through some of the most wonderful art museums and immersing herself in the history of art.

Throughout the years, Helena has proven to be an exceptional art and content curator with an eye for spotting emerging talent and creating a strong and cohesive brand identity or “universe”.

Currently based in Montreal, her love for music is evident in the title of her platform, Lola Who, which was inspired by a song from Plants and Animal.