Katie Jane Hughes is her name, creating flawless makeup looks on Instagram is her game. Best known for her skin and eye work, Katie has a great talent for creating simple and beautiful looks that are accessible and totally re-creatable, even to those that might have a limited skill-set when it comes to makeup. A professional makeup artist in her own right, working in industry for the past nine years, Katie has worked with the likes of Emmy Rossum and Naomi Campbell and photographers such as Rankin and Bruce Weber, to name but a few. We sent some questions her way to see what makes her tick…

Lola Who: How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get started?
Katie: Around 9 years ago, I got started by simply assisting and watching my peers work, it’s the best way honestly. School costs a lot and unless you’re doing TV and film makeup, you don’t need to do it really. Assisting is the best way.

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Lola Who: What do you think about Instagram in terms of what you see on there, your presence and in what direction do you see it going?
Katie: I think it’s a great way to get your work seen, apply for jobs and simply build your brand. The only downside is that it can do a disservice if you over edit your work on face tune, for example. Just be aware if you’re using your IG to get work, those with a trained eye can see past edits and filters.

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Lola Who: As a fellow Brit living abroad, what differences do you notice between British/American women in terms of using makeup and their attitudes to makeup and beauty in general?
Katie: I feel that it’s all more classic here, simpler, cleaner beauty. Less of a daring crowd but I feel it’s changing with brands like Milk. It gives people ideas to try new things and that how it starts.

Lola Who: What’s been your favourite shoot to this date?
Katie: I would say it’s the first few images on my site. It was for a brand called Kaplan MD. I love skin, it’s a huge part of my aesthetic so anytime I can show gorgeous and clean skin, I’m happy.

I love skin, it’s a huge part of my aesthetic…

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Lola Who: Which people in the industry would you most like the opportunity to work with?
Katie: I’d love to see Isamaya Ffrench in her zone.

Lola Who: You have a great following on Instagram thanks to the fresh, beautiful and accessible looks you create. Could you talk me through the process? Do you wake up with an idea in mind or are you more influenced by new products you’re testing?
Katie: I don’t, I just go with the feeling. Sometimes I start with one product and go from there, I’m often inspired by a makeup reference I’ve seen on IG and then I’ll turn it into my own version.

Lola Who: What music are you listening to at the moment?
Katie: I love Christine and the Queens, The Weekend. I’m an old soul deep down, I love anything Stevie Wonder or The Carpenters.

Lola Who: What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?
Katie: Lots of collaborations hopefully. I love working with people. Creating together vs alone is always better in my eyes. Maybe a move. Who knows…


By Emma Flynn