Gillian Cluroe

Lola Loves… Sara Shakeel’s Glittery Health Care Workers

Sara Shakeel, who was once a dentist, is now an award-winning crystal and visual artist. Sara adds a little extra sparkle to the world with her dazzling designs. She is well known on Instagram for her glitter stretch mark art and images, but in the current global situation she has turned her attention to adding some beauty to the hardship…

A look at Canadian Line John & Jenn Fall/Winter 2015

New Canadian line John & Jenn have brought us something stylish and cozy for fall 2015. It definitely feels like the leaves are falling with the neutral colours this collection focuses around, including splashes of pink and yellow. The collection is versatile and looks classy but also very comfortable, with loose knit sweaters with chunky stripes and blocks of colour.…

Interview with Kate Miss About her Fall/Winter 2015 Jewellery Collection

Kate Miss can do it all. The L.A. based graphic designer, jewellery maker, photographer and blogger has risen above and beyond the challenges of all her creative endeavors. Her jewellery designs are simple and unique; each piece created with a specific vision in mind. In this interview for Lola Who, she tells us about her inspiration, her creative process when making jewellery, and the music that will make anyone feel creative and productive.