Harry Leath

Backstage at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!

Backstage at BAFW never fails to entertain me, observing the frantic reconstruction of complex outfits, so abstract as to leave you wondering how a market for these products even exists. The melee of colours, textures, sounds and smells produces a spectacle like no other; it really is a mouthwatering prospect for any photographer. Alternative fashion shows are a colourful microcosm…

Berlin Fashion Week SS16: Runway and Backstage Photos

Dazzled by the colours and contours of Ayala’'s new collection, which flowed from the girls with such fluidity and grace that each subtle movement was mesmerising. Varon’s morbid futurism pulled attention too, the beauty of which was supplemented by a passionate description of the unfathomably precise nature of their production delivered by Varon himself. Photographs of this work can be…