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From old-time favourites to newcomers with raw appeal,
we picked five albums to listen to this week.


Mac DeMarco — Another One
It is an apt title for the fourth release from talented party animal Mac DeMarco. With little fanfare, little promotion, from his cramped, cigarette smoke-filled studio apartment, Mac gives us the mini-album all about love, “Another One.”   Mac isn’t so much progressing as an artist but refining himself and his warped soft rock and scruffy aesthetic.


Tame Impala — Currents
Fans of the marshmellowy psychedelic sound of 2012’s “Lonerism” and Kevin Parker’s buttery Lennon-esque vocals will like “Currents”. The songs are again brilliantly crafted and expertly produced—soaring, though grounded by a crisp and boisterous rhythm section. Parker’s newfound electro instincts are explored as the album boasts some pretty impressive, otherworldly synth programming.  The album opener “Let it Happen” is a raucous contemplation about needing to control your own fate that unleashes a next-level synth riff three minutes in.


RATATAT — Magnifique  
In Ratatat’s “Magnifique” we get, in a similar vein to Mac Demarco, another one. No new tricks, no out-of-left-field experimentations, just more. More of the consistently catchy and heavy electro beats they’ve been cutting for five albums now. One very welcome and present surprise is their cover of “I Will Return” the 1971 Springwater hit.


Wolf Alice — My Love is Cool
British indie stars Wolf Alice have finally dropped their highly anticipated debut album. They are a youthful but sophisticated band who are experiencing a high level of success right now. With Glastonbury performances, Pitchfork approval and “My Love is Cool” debuting at number 2 on the British album charts, Wolf Alice are entering the top tier of the music industry and deservingly so. Wolf Alice writes hits that don’t sound like hits. They’re simply compelling, intricately conceived rock songs that stick with you.


EZTV — Calling Out
Brooklyn-trio EZTV, from Capture Tracks, bring us “Calling Out,” a collection of emotionally fraught lyrics sung over breezy, upbeat guitar-pop jams. This contrast works—it’s like the band is saying “life is full of pain but you just gotta’ rock on.” EZTV’s sound is nostalgic but with a live-for-the-present energy. So fire up the BBQ or head to the beach with some pals or engage in some solitary reflection in your bedroom, “Calling Out” is oddly appropriate for each setting. We recently interviewed EZTV—check it out here!

By Nathan Burley