Alexis Cochrane

“The feeling I would prescribe to humanity would be empathy” — Valerio Loi talks about Human Feelings As Drugs

Valerio Loi was inspired to create the Human Feelings As Drugs project when he recognized there was a difference in the pharmaceutical systems between his hometown in Italy and the UK. When Loi moved from Cagliari to London, he realized that medicines were much more accessible there than they were in his home country. Inspired by this contrast, Loi decided…

Gittit Szwarc from Knobbly Studio: “I’m inspired by the human form”

Gittit Szwarc, the designer of Knobbly Studio in Israel, crafts minimalistic jewellery that interacts with the human form. All items are handmade in their studio in Jaffa, Israel, mainly from locally sourced materials. Influenced by the human form, Gittit considers all factors when designing; what will it look like from an angle, how will it move when she moves and how does it relate to the natural lines of her body. Lola Who had the chance to talk to Gittit about her inspirations, her design process and what’s next for Knobbly Studio.