Cianda Bourrel

Naked Calendar of Artsy Residents in Bushwick

When we think of artists lofts, it’s likely that a similar picture comes to most of our minds. Maybe it involves paint cans, canvases, instruments or half empty coffee mugs and ashtrays. Regardless of what we each imagine, a place like this does exist outside of our dreams at 345 Eldert Street. Located on the east side of Bushwick, Brooklyn, the Eldert Lofts are busting at the walls with artist types. Although these lofts fulfill most our dreams by appearance, it hasn’t always been sunny days and good times for the building’s residents.

World Oceans Day: Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue

As we recognize the deep blue that covers more than 70% of our earth’s surface on World Oceans Day, we also praise the heroes who play a major role in the conservation and discovery of the mysteriously vast sea. June 8th has become a day to honor the ocean in all its wonders, its unreal habitants, and simply…

Fashion: Interview with Trisha Lazaroo from Wylden

For almost all of us, jewelry is something we treasure. It’s different than the t-shirts that hang in our closet or our shoes tossed carelessly by the door. Vancouver based jewelry brand, Wylden, makes a point to focus on the simple aesthetics we love. Founder, Trisha Lazaroo, has created a line of products that can be worn everyday paired with any outfit.

Photography Interview with Krysta on “The West”

Arizona based photographer, Krysta Jabczenski, has the ability to take you to a dreamland through the images she produces. A calm, vacant vibe seems to settle over each scene whether the subject be a beautiful woman, an aging cactus, or a seemingly endless desert. When she began taking photos as a teenager, Jabczenski discovered her beloved Pentax K1000 and the wonders it could do. It quickly grew on her and no longer was photography a side hobby, this was a full-time project for life.