Monica Wang

Glacier Girl Talks about Art and Living a Sustainable Life

Elizabeth Farrell is a teenager trying to raise awareness of climate change—specifically, how it affects glacial ice—by creating hip, icy blue or sunset-washed portraits of herself, under the moniker of Glacier Girl, and other young women. Although some refer to Internet activism as "slacktivism," Farrell, who is based in London, UK, is confident that social media is the only way to reach her generation.

Interview with Merrel Westhoff from Monocrafft in the Netherlands

Jewellery brand Monocrafft is the domain of designer Merrel Westhoff, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The name is a combination of monocrat, the sole leader in a one-person governing system, and craft. With fans—including reigning designer Donna Karan—growing in legion since 2013, Westhoff is sending her simple yet symbolism-packed pieces on a march into fashionable cities across the globe and we were lucky enough to chat with her.

Book Review: Chloë Sevigny by Chloë Sevigny

You may recognise her as Jennie in the indie film Kids. Since her breakout role, Chloë Sevigny has moved on from being It Girl of the 90s to play fashion muse and designer for a whole generation. Oh, and she's written a book. Bound in pink gingham fabric, the 224-page tome published by Rizzoli— including the gushiest afterword in the…

Book Review: Sounds of Two Eyes Opening by Spot

Spot’s first book of photography, Sounds of Two Eyes Opening (2014) published by Sinecure Books, offers a glimpse into the life of skate punks in California during the first surge of the punk scene. Punk burst forth in the 70s as a protest against commercialised, mainstream rock music, though it has since grown, hydra-like, by breaking off into numerous sub…

Photography: Moroccan Pop Art Artist Hassan Hajjaj

If you think the epitome of style is black & white photography, Hassan Hajjaj’s art will blow the colour processing nerves in your mind. Born in Larache, Morocco, the multimedia artist moved to London, UK, as a teen and cites the music of both countries—as well as Andy Warhol—as a major influence. He is all about clashing cultures and colours.…