“Be worried. Be very worried,” says the last page of Matthieu Bourel‘s travel book, a journal of scanned collages. It sums up the general vibe you get flicking through the digital pages of the cover’s promised sabbatical. His book takes the viewer on a journey to distant countries, fully displaying the anxieties and difficulties that come with traveling to places far from major tourist attractions.

Heat, deadly mosquitoes, fatigue and war might not sound like a dream vacation, but Bourel’s book offers a sense of reality and genuine adventure. His collages are from 2007 but definitely don’t feel dated and visually waver between chaotic and organized. There is a lot to see here and most of it won’t reveal itself at first glance, but once you reach the last page, you can start again and discover the details you missed.

Matthieu Bourel is a French artist and illustrator in Berlin.

Words by Hannah Reinhardt