Photography: Maciek Jasik’s Mysterious Colours

Maciek Jasik is a unique photographer, renowned for his fascinating and inventive portraits. Born in Poland, but currently based in New York, his colourful works have appeared across numerous platforms, from commercial clients like GQ, to his own exhibition “Bypassing the Rational” at the Dan Cooney Gallery. No matter the stage, his work is recognizable … read more

Photography: DaRemen J – Nostalgia in North Carolina

It’s 7 pm on a balmy Sunday night and you’re not ready to go home. The subtropical climate suggests paradise; that warmth, open spaces and neverending sunrays. It’s a place where youths, often contemplative in nature generate a nonchalant atmosphere and the feeling of an endless summer. Warm skin, disheveled hair, minimal clothing. These are … read more

Lola Loves… Rachel Moseley’s Hyper-Realistic Paintings

A topless woman with cat-like shades and a half smoked fag sits posed and proud. A man with an impressive beard, arms crossed and covered in tattoos gazes candidly back at the viewer. A blond girl dressed in fur appears as though she’s ready to cause some trouble. The images you see may appear as … read more

The Wrong Gallery – A New Art Space At Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

This edition of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week marks the first day of the Wrong Gallery, a new art project and creative space in Berlin. The project, conceived by Daniel Piece, Olof Larsson and Andrea D'Auria, aims at showcasing the work of underground artists and photographers in proper art galleries—away from the squats and the typical … read more

Lola Loves… Wayne White’s Humorous Paintings

Emmy-award winning artist, Wayne White, may not be a household name, but his remarkable talent has been seen by millions around the world.  One of his most notable contributions to the world of art was designing the set for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, a hit television sitcom of the late 1980’s.  Some of his most recent … read more

Fashion Inspiration: LPA Fall Collection 2016

Designer Pia Arrobio, recently launched her own label LPA. And just when you thought the fall season meant covering up and bundling up, the former Reformation designer brings us plunging necklines and stretch-satin dresses. The georgette, leather, stretch satins and faux furs featured in this year’s fall collection merges edgy street chic and runway, bringing a … read more

Interview with the French Feminist Collective “La Rage”

The French collective "La Rage" has created a non-profit project that aims to give visibility to international feminists. By collecting posters created by women, queer, and trans people from around the world, La Rage wants to give visibility to the vibrant work of these activists and explore the graphic side of this ongoing crusade. Their … read more