Lola Loves… Drew Young Glitch Paintings

Drew Young presents a tipsy, tumbling world of youth in moments of both chaos and repose with his moody paintings. They sometimes contain elements of glitch art that feel incredibly natural and necessary to understand the scenes he portrays, like the viewer is meant to be watching the paused revelry through a broken window. These … read more

Photographer Nikola Tamindzic on Fucking New York:” Female sexuality can go stranger places”

The latest project by New York portrait and fashion photographer Nikola Tamindzic, who first established his reputation as Gawker's house photographer in 2004, finds sexual pleasure in unexpected places. Aptly titled Fucking New York, this photographic series captures wild images of exactly that: bold and unconstrained sex with the city. Playing on the idea that … read more

Women, Sex, and Tapestry — A Talk With Textile Artist Erin M. Riley

Erin M. Riley is an artist who's truly committed to portraying women's sexuality and issues. Born in 1985 in Brooklyn, where she still resides, Erin specializes on tapestry, the art of weaving. But she doesn’t weave classical, dull motives - she weaves sexts, porn-screenshots, sexual themes. Her artworks are intimate, exciting, extraordinary and trivial (in … read more

Backstage at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week!

Backstage at BAFW never fails to entertain me, observing the frantic reconstruction of complex outfits, so abstract as to leave you wondering how a market for these products even exists. The melee of colours, textures, sounds and smells produces a spectacle like no other; it really is a mouthwatering prospect for any photographer. Alternative fashion … read more

Lola Loves… Laura Callaghan’s Badass Girls

Irish-born, London-based illustrator Laura Callaghan creates characters. Using eye-popping colour and minute detail, she depicts women who command attention. Her female subjects never smile, holding serious, steady expressions as they sit, stand, or sprawl in rooms bursting with pop culture and literary references. Full of energy and details, her illustrations give the impression of a … read more

Photography: Maciek Jasik’s Mysterious Colours

Maciek Jasik is a unique photographer, renowned for his fascinating and inventive portraits. Born in Poland, but currently based in New York, his colourful works have appeared across numerous platforms, from commercial clients like GQ, to his own exhibition “Bypassing the Rational” at the Dan Cooney Gallery. No matter the stage, his work is recognizable … read more