Emily Paskevics

Lola Loves… Laura Callaghan’s Badass Girls

Irish-born, London-based illustrator Laura Callaghan creates characters. Using eye-popping colour and minute detail, she depicts women who command attention. Her female subjects never smile, holding serious, steady expressions as they sit, stand, or sprawl in rooms bursting with pop culture and literary references. Full of energy and details, her illustrations give the impression of a…

Interview with the French Feminist Collective “La Rage”

The French collective "La Rage" has created a non-profit project that aims to give visibility to international feminists. By collecting posters created by women, queer, and trans people from around the world, La Rage wants to give visibility to the vibrant work of these activists and explore the graphic side of this ongoing crusade. Their…

Photography: Kimber Beck’s Self-Portraits

The photography of 25-year-old Kimber Beck takes the form of self-portraits with a retro feel. Her work might be better described as body portraits that explore intimacy with the body of the self, and with the bodies of other women. Captured in whole or in part, female bodies are often found in surreal contexts and contortions. Intimate and dreamy, the subjects of her pieces are often faceless and unclothed—or wearing only underwear.

Photographer Marlen Stahlhuth Tells Us Why “Burka is the New Punk”

Marlen Stahlhuth—or Leni—is a multi-media artist currently living in Berlin. Her schedule is bustling with creative projects, working as a fashion editor & photographer, and also freelancing for big venues like MTV and Vice, while also managing her personal livestyle blog Paperboats. Her work is colourful, unusual, and sometimes verges on controversial—she caught our eye…

Lola Loves… Halloween Vintages Masks

Happy Halloween from Lola Who! What is it about masks? Wandering through the rows of vintage masks below, you can almost smell the cheap plastic and floppy rubber, wince at the garish paint, catch a sudden low, menacing laugh. Which role will you play? Are you the masked, or the spooked? The hidden identities, the…

Meet Swedish Longboarder Ishtar Bäcklund: “travelling is a way of letting go”

The lifestyle of freelance artist and downhill skateboarder Ishtar Bäcklund blends art, adventure, and an abundance of joie de vivre. Originally from Sweden, she has toured around the globe with her skateboard, competing as well as creating murals for skateboard shops on almost every continent. And it all began when she started hanging around a skateshop in Stockholm when she was only 17 years old.

Interview with Photographer Francesca Beltran “Home is a state of mind”

The work of Mexican-born, New York-based photographer Francesca Beltran fuses tenderness with a taste of nostalgia. Both raw and ethereal, her images explore the subtle translucence that often exists between reality and dreamscapes. She creates visual narratives that offer glimpses into the “unbearable lightness of being,” which is fitting as she cites Milan Kundera as…