Sophie Gray

Bikini Day: Jacques Heim and Louis Réard

Bikini Day on July 5th celebrates the iconic swimsuit that women have been wearing since its reveal on this day in 1946. Making its debut on the beaches of southern France, the history of the bikini is wrought with contention. It is not entirely clear who the original inventor of the itty-bitty swimsuit was, with arguments for both Louis Reard,…

Interview with Australian Singer-Songwriter Fraser A. Gorman about his Debut Album “Slow Gum”

Fraser A. Gorman is a young singer-songwriter based out of Melbourne, Australia, who just released his first album "Slow Gum" on June 29th. The self-proclaimed Americana country-rock artist comes from humble roots but has grown his musical career to playing shows all over Europe and Australia. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Band, Gorman adds an Australian twist to the Americana catalogue. He talked to us about his musical inspirations, family, and what its like to live on the road.

Interview with Rachel from GAPS, UK

Based out of Brighton, UK, long-time friends Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley make up GAPS, an electro-folk duo with a sound that needs to be heard. Meeting as children, the duo developed their own individual sounds before coming together to produce their first album “In, Around the Moment.” This album sees the duo working with UK based label owner and…