A topless woman with cat-like shades and a half-smoked fag sits posed and proud.

A man with an impressive beard, arms crossed and covered in tattoos gazes candidly back at the viewer.

A blond girl dressed in fur appears as though she’’s ready to cause some trouble.

The images you see may appear as photography but take a closer look. Hyper-realistic and slightly foreboding in nature, Rachel Moseley’’s oil paintings capture the lives of modern-day Americans.


More than a portrait, Moseley strives to capture and photograph her subjects at their most intimate and reflective moments, a process which can often take hours. She believes this process evokes a stronger sense of truth, intimacy, and individualism.

“The goal of my work is to capture my subject at a reflective moment of insight when intimate conversation allows for an uncorking of long-held and often unexamined experiences.”

A Californian native, Moseley received her MFA from the Academy of Art in 2010 and eventually converted from commission based work to personal pieces.

“I believe that involving myself intimately with my subjects makes me a more thoughtful painter and connects me very personally to each painting. I feel a great sense of responsibility to render the emotions of my subjects accurately and honestly.”

We think she’’s got it right.



Words by Marnie Feuerriegel