To celebrate Bastille Day, we’ve rounded up five of the chicest Instagram accounts of French girls who embody the perfect Parisienne and that certain je ne sais quoi.

Lou Doillon
Lou Doillon is the ultimate Paris It-girl. What else would you expect from the daughter of Jane Birkin?  On her Instagram account (@loudoillon), the model, actress, singer, fashionista and wild child shares her kooky self entirely and effortlessly. “I always start the day dancing to rock’n’roll. One of my fashion mottos is: ‘It’s better not to look your best so that people can imagine that the best is really much better,” she told the Guardian. Her innate cool girl quality proves that perfecting the “Parisian attitude” is all about laissez-faire and simply being yourself. Lou Doillon Instagram Lola Who Fashion Music Photography blog

Garance Doré
Born to an Italian father and an Algerian mother and Corsica, Garance Doré—who now lives in New York—is a living proof that you can turn your passion into your dream job. The French fashion blogger, photographer, illustrator and ex-girlfriend of Scott Shuman, a.k.a. The Sartorialist, shares her passion for fashion and style with a with warmth and a palpable joie de vivre. She recently published Love Style Life, a gorgeous illustrated book. On her Instagram account (@garancedore), Doré shares candid and engaging updates, all with her French girl-next-door charm combined with stunning looks.Garance Dore Instagram Lola Who Fashion Music Photography blog

Emmanuelle Alt
“I have always been quite boyish. I used to wear some skirts in the past but I was always looking for simplicity,” said Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, to the The Telegraph. Known for wearing skinny jeans, stilettos, and embellished blazers, Alt is one seriously cool and fashionable woman who is only getting better with age. Check out her Instagram account (@emmanuellealt) to discover her inspirations and some exclusive behind the scene photos.
Emanuelle Alt Instagram Lola Who Fashion Music Photography blog

Jeanne Damas
Parisian socialite, Jeanne Damas, can be seen sitting in the front row of almost every fashion show and at every cool party in the City-of-Lights. Her Instagram account (@jeannedamas) will take you on a journey of Parisian style.
Jeanne Damas Instagram Lola Who Fashion Music Photography blog

Caroline de Maigret
What is it about French women? The 40-years-old music producer, model, aristocrat and co-author of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are – Love, Style and Bad Habits is the epitome of casual cool, with minimal makeup, uncoiffed hair, and her sexy mannish inspired style. She write, “Parisiennes will have you believe that they are born with perfect skin and delightfully messy hair. That these ‘natural’ attributes are a heritage that cannot be explained. They are all lying.” Her Instagram account (@carolinedemaigret) is pure extase, made in France.
Caroline De Maigret Instagram Lola Who Fashion Music Photography blog

By Helene Hidalgo