Helene R. Hidalgo

Lola Loves… James Springall’s Charming Fortune Cookie Artwork

James Springall is a London-based artist who likes to combine things to create ambiguous and unsettling images. In the series “In The End All Things Will Be Known," Springall juxtaposes fortune cookie messages to vintage images in a way that will make you laugh, smile, cry, think deeply or scratch your head in confusion. So is happiness … read more

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Michele Bisaillon Talks About Self-Reflection

Michele Bisaillon likes to play with mirrors and reflections to portray her herself. With more than 60 mirrors, she playfully shares her fragmented world where the invisible becomes visible. When she doesn't take photos of herself, the young photographer based in Silicon Valley captures her faithful companion: her cat Peach. We talked to Michele about … read more

Our Favorite Looks and Faces from BAFW Spring 2017

The street style at Berlin Alternative Fashion Week is always more casual, heavy and punk. We were there to capture the looks and faces of the people attending the sixth edition of BAFW at Halle am Berghain!     Model and blogger Julia Dalia @julia.dalia  Fashionista Deborah Connelli Fashion designer Noraly Cyberesque from Cyberesque Fashionista Viola Dagostino … read more

Interview: Duran Levinson Talks About Bangkok

Duran Levinson is a 28-year-old photographer who likes to spend most of his time travelling in Africa and Asia. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, he prefers to use him 35mm film camera when travelling, and enjoys taking portraits of young people who break the traditional mold. We were captivated by his recent photos involving lots … read more

The Wrong Gallery – A New Art Space At Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

This edition of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week marks the first day of the Wrong Gallery, a new art project and creative space in Berlin. The project, conceived by Daniel Piece, Olof Larsson and Andrea D'Auria, aims at showcasing the work of underground artists and photographers in proper art galleries—away from the squats and the typical … read more

Lola Loves… Wayne White’s Humorous Paintings

Emmy-award winning artist, Wayne White, may not be a household name, but his remarkable talent has been seen by millions around the world.  One of his most notable contributions to the world of art was designing the set for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, a hit television sitcom of the late 1980’s.  Some of his most recent … read more