Moroccan Fashion designer Sofia El Arabi Talks About her Label “Bakchic”

Very few can connect the past with the present. However, Sofia El Arabi—Moroccan fashion designer, blogger, and founder of Bakchic—has found a way to flawlessly merge the old culture of Casablanca, her hometown, with Western trends. With such a unique collection, one starts to wonder who’s behind such beauty. We got a chance to ask Sofia for some insight into her life and the inspiration which surrounds her every day.

Photography: Moroccan Pop Art Artist Hassan Hajjaj

If you think the epitome of style is black & white photography, Hassan Hajjaj’s art will blow the colour processing nerves in your mind. Born in Larache, Morocco, the multimedia artist moved to London, UK, as a teen and cites the music of both countries—as well as Andy Warhol—as a major influence. He is all…

Lalla Essaydi: Bringing Orientalism Back

On a journey of introspection and self-discovery, a photographer by the name of Lalla Essaydi, based out of New York City, struggles to understand Orientalism, the complexity of the Arab female identity, as well as the confines of Islamic tradition and the spaces in which she grew up. Born and raised in Morocco, she moved…