Interview with New Dog about his recent album “Classic Ballroom Dances”

New Dog is the musical persona of Azerbaijani-American musician-songwriter Anar Badalov. After working as a part of two different bands, Badalov is now releasing his second solo LP. "Classic Ballroom Dances" is set to be released on June 2nd. New Dog's music is sparse, reflective, and emotional. There is a calmness to the songs but also more than a note of melancholy. Badalov has stated the influence "sad music" has had on him, and that's definitely evident in his work.

Interview with Reveries from Sweden

Reveries is a new up-and-coming band based in Linköping, Sweden, composed of Alice Axinder, Gabriel Petterson, Noa Åkesson, Konrad Annerud, and David Elliot. They've only been together for about three years, but they're finding their sound and gaining some momentum. Their vague indie/alternative rock has an airy and dreamlike quality to it. They make great use of aural space and…

Interview with ?tella on her Debut Album

Greek singer and multi-instrumentalist Stella Chronopoulou, or ?tella, recently released her debut album on Inner Ear Records. A well-known female voice in the Greek independent music scene, the dark electro-pop project, firmly entrenched in the 80s synth-pop movement, is set to seduce music fans. After many collaborations with local Greek bands, such as My Wet Calvin, Expert Medicine, Nteibint, Sillyboy,…

Interview with Nolita View from London

Nolita View is a South London-based indie band who have been together for about a year-and-a-half. Their newest EP "Wasted Dreams" marks a more brooding and subtle style, a slight departure from their previous, perkier records. The band has consistently produced EPs over their short career and through their regular output, we can follow their maturation and growing sophistication as…

Interview with The Pink Flowers

The Pink Flowers takes the term "garage band" in the most literal sense. Ryan Faist and Nolan Bennett give low-fi music a fresh new sound, with an old-school twist. Their music is made different by recording using low-quality equipment in a garage.

From Russia with Love – An Interview with Motorama

Originating from the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, near the border with Ukraine, Motorama delivers a cold-wave sound that never freezes. After working anonymously for several years, Motorama seem to have crossed a new plateau with their third album “Poverty” released March 10th on the French label Talitres. Motorama was a well-kept secret until their second full-length album “Calendar” (2012).  This band makes…

Interview with Helicon Bats from Copenhagen

Helicon Bats are a fraternal duo from Denmark. Originally from Silkeborg but now operating out of Copenhagen, the Davidsen brothers (Jeppe and Emil) released their first EP Spring after having performed as solo artists and in various other projects for years. Helicon Bats could be classified as something between neo-psychedelia and lo-fi. Their music is very much rooted in the psychedelic rock movement of the late 1960s, but not so derivative as to be pastiche; their sound is definitely their own. They are currently planning on recording more tracks with a full band in early 2015, possibly to be supported by a tour later in the year.

Interview with Richard in Your Mind

Richard in Your Mind returns this year with their fourth genre-defying album Ponderosa through Rice is Nice from Sydney. Their mind-bending and wonderful psychedelic music is infused with sitar sounds, muffled reggae, radiant melodies and will fill your day with good karma. You can listen to their album Ponderosa for free via Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Lola Who did an interview with lead singer Richard Cartwright and tried to find out what was really going on in his mind …

Interview with Dark Furs

With Suzanne May’s powerful vocals and moody instrumentals, Dark Furs sound like an elegant and tormented reverie. Based in Los Angeles, the duo, featuring the London-born singer and keyboardist May and guitarist Chad Phillips, have recently released their second EP "En L’air". Recorded and mixed at the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, the sound is simply amazing! Dark, sophisticated, and a bit anxious. May took the time to answer some of our questions.