Photographer Marlen Stahlhuth Tells Us Why “Burka is the New Punk”

Marlen Stahlhuth—or Leni—is a multi-media artist currently living in Berlin. Her schedule is bustling with creative projects, working as a fashion editor & photographer, and also freelancing for big venues like MTV and Vice, while also managing her personal livestyle blog Paperboats. Her work is colourful, unusual, and sometimes verges on controversial—she caught our eye…

Evelyn Tannus’ Ceramic Hand-Horns

Who doesn't love jazz hands? Used to show off a state of cheesy exuberance, maybe the gesticulate equivalent of a dad joke when used in a non-ironic manner. Ok, so it's not for everyone. Maybe you're a little more edgy. Brazilian artist Evelyn Tannus feels you. She's created a series of devil-horn sign flashing ceramic…

Book Review: Sounds of Two Eyes Opening by Spot

Spot’s first book of photography, Sounds of Two Eyes Opening (2014) published by Sinecure Books, offers a glimpse into the life of skate punks in California during the first surge of the punk scene. Punk burst forth in the 70s as a protest against commercialised, mainstream rock music, though it has since grown, hydra-like, by…

Street Style: Never Too Old For Punk

On the streets of Nice, France, Monique Bordat doesn't go unnoticed. The former French bodybuilding champion even shared her secret for staying in shape! Want to know my secret to staying in shape? I take 30 caplets of TOCO 500 (vitamin E) every two months.” – Monique Bordat, former French bodybuilding champion.