Lola Loves… Halloween Vintages Masks

Happy Halloween from Lola Who! What is it about masks? Wandering through the rows of vintage masks below, you can almost smell the cheap plastic and floppy rubber, wince at the garish paint, catch a sudden low, menacing laugh. Which role will you play? Are you the masked, or the spooked? The hidden identities, the…

Lola Loves… Cari Vander Yacht’s Animated Vintage GIFs

These GIFs by Cari Vander Yacht combine yellowed vintage photograph found in thrift stores and cartoon-like graphics that once put together, create nostalgic and humorous animations.  With unexpected twists and turns, these animations tell a mid-century story of American suburban culture, filled with comfort and stability. Words by Hillary Loucks Check out Cari Vander Yacht's…

Lola Loves… Vintage Photos of Geishas at the Beach

It's always refreshing to see the coolly serious in a more relaxed, casual setting. The first time you saw your straitlaced boss down a drink and crack a few jokes. The bloopers reel for a period epic. A solemn event suddenly pierced by a well-timed comment. These moments serve to bring out another side of…

Bikini Day: Jacques Heim and Louis Réard

Bikini Day on July 5th celebrates the iconic swimsuit that women have been wearing since its reveal on this day in 1946. Making its debut on the beaches of southern France, the history of the bikini is wrought with contention. It is not entirely clear who the original inventor of the itty-bitty swimsuit was, with…

Vintage Photos of Gay Couples in Love

On June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage a human right throughout the United States. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family" Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote in this historic decision. "In forming a marital union, two people become something…

Lola Loves… Vintage Photos of Marilyn Monroe Doing Yoga

Not only did actress Marilyn Monroe have inspirational wisdom, but she was also a yoga devotee. Marilyn apparently learned yoga with Eugenie V. Peterson, widely known as Indra Devi, and is regarded by many as the "First Lady of Yoga". According to author Stefanie Syman, in The Story of Yoga in America, Marilyn told the press in 1956 that yoga was a permanent part of her workout routine. In any case, Marilyn Monroe was a yogi!

Carlotta Cardana’s 21st Century “Mod Couples”

Carlotta Cardana's ongoing photographic series "Modern Couples" depicts couples, that she met at Mod events in London, who participate in Mod inspired style in contemporary culture.  Mod—a derivative of modernist— is not just a fashion style, but an identity and way of being that is a culture in itself and a reflection of the individuals.…

“Stone Free” – Lonelydot Summer 2015 Lookbook

Lonelydot’s summer 2015 lookbook is all about creating the perfect mix of 70s vintage with a contemporary influence. The "Stone Free" collection takes us to a bohemian-disco paradise; with flowing and playful rompers, shorts, head ties, and other 70s inspired pieces. If you want to stand out and make a statement, Lonelydot’s collection delivers the trippy clothes that we love.

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