Photography: Alexander Schuktuew for Converse

In today's society that airbrushes everything and everyone to within an inch of their life, it's a welcome sight to behold the work of Alexander Schuktuew. His style is refreshingly simple and appears to be effortless. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that the photographer born in Kazakstan recently teamed up with the timeless and classic brand Converse. We recently caught up with Alexander to chat about the collaboration and to see what makes him tick.

Poem Baker: Hymns from the Bedroom

Hymns from the Bedroom is the latest photo collection from London photographer Poem Baker.  The series currently has three parts—Baker calls them chapters—covering a period from 2010 to 2015. Baker describes the collection as “a personal journal of friends and people [she’s] encountered whilst wandering around London.”   Poem’s subjects are twenty-somethings “on the threshold of…

Chad Moore: The Beauty Of Love And Youth

Take a look at the work of New York-based photographer Chad Moore and you could be instantly transported to a Brooklyn rooftop. His photographs are natural, unstaged, and capture a sense of dreamy but imperfect youth. His images are flawed, full of movement, and faces are often obscured, but the spirit and personality of his…

Photography: “Kiss My Blood” by Giulia Bersani

"Kiss my blood" by Giulia Bersani is a creative advertising work commissioned by B Type Jewels, an Italian jewellery line that brandishes the blood type of the wearer, and simulates the importance of making our blood types known. Known for her intimate style of photography, Giulia Bersani has an eye for capturing intimacy and emotion…

Meet Swedish Longboarder Ishtar Bäcklund: “travelling is a way of letting go”

The lifestyle of freelance artist and downhill skateboarder Ishtar Bäcklund blends art, adventure, and an abundance of joie de vivre. Originally from Sweden, she has toured around the globe with her skateboard, competing as well as creating murals for skateboard shops on almost every continent. And it all began when she started hanging around a skateshop in Stockholm when she was only 17 years old.