Carlotta Cardana’s 21st Century “Mod Couples”

Carlotta Cardana's ongoing photographic series "Modern Couples" depicts couples, that she met at Mod events in London, who participate in Mod inspired style in contemporary culture.  Mod—a derivative of modernist— is not just a fashion style, but an identity and way of being that is a culture in itself and a reflection of the individuals.…

Photography: Moroccan Pop Art Artist Hassan Hajjaj

If you think the epitome of style is black & white photography, Hassan Hajjaj’s art will blow the colour processing nerves in your mind. Born in Larache, Morocco, the multimedia artist moved to London, UK, as a teen and cites the music of both countries—as well as Andy Warhol—as a major influence. He is all…

Earth Magic – Photographer Rik Garrett Talks About Witchcraft

What if witches hadn't changed that much since medieval times and were still fairly close to the popular imagery conveyed by their early enemies during the classical witchhunts? In this collection, the American artist and photographer, Rik Garrett, signs a personal exploration of the relationship between witchcraft, the female form and nature. We spoke to Garrett about his passion for the occult, his relationship with nature, and his age-old photography techniques.

An Inside Look at the Lives of Teenage Mothers – Marta Giaccone Talks About “Be Still, My Heart”

In light of Mother's Day, Lola Who sheds light on an often misunderstood level of parenthood: teen moms. Marta Giaccone took an inside look at the world of young mothers in Wales in her project ''Be Still, My Heart." In this interview, she shares some of the stories and things she discovered in conversing with these strong and dedicated girls.

Photography Interview with Krysta on “The West”

Arizona based photographer, Krysta Jabczenski, has the ability to take you to a dreamland through the images she produces. A calm, vacant vibe seems to settle over each scene whether the subject be a beautiful woman, an aging cactus, or a seemingly endless desert. When she began taking photos as a teenager, Jabczenski discovered her beloved Pentax K1000 and the wonders it could do. It quickly grew on her and no longer was photography a side hobby, this was a full-time project for life.

Photography Interview with Sarker Protick “Love Me or Kill Me”

Being featured in the British Journal of Photography is no small feat. One of the oldest photography magazines in the UK compiles a yearly list of "Ones to Watch," mostly young, but all talented, and on the cusp of breaking out.  Sarker Protick is a Bangladesh based documentary photographer that made the list in 2014. Currently a lecturer at the South Asian Institute of Photography, Protick has developed several photographic series, from a visual anthology of visits with his grandparents, to one of his most recent works "Love me or Kill Me," inspired by the Dhallywood film industry (based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, hence the name). Here, we ask him more about this project, and let the artist speak for himself. Lola Who: You’ve studied marketing, photography and journalism in Bangladesh, the United-States, and the UK. Having lived in all those places, how would you compare the photography scene in Bangladesh? Sarker: Actually,  it was only for a brief period of time, so I don’t think I should compare. But undoubtedly, the photographic scene is very strong and dynamic in Bangladesh. There are many good photographers. We have a famous photography school called "Pathshala," which has made a huge contribution to Bangladeshi photography. There is also a biennial festival of photography called "Chobi Mela International Photo Festival" that brings major and emerging artists from all over the world. We have a strong community, but unfortunately not many galleries are established here, especially in the photographic scene.