Photography Interviews

Artist Liz Barr Talks About Celebrity Culture, Religion and Selfies

Liz Barr is a multi-disciplinary artist and art student living in Philadelphia.  Her artistic interests include the concept of relationships and the politics surrounding so-called ‘selfie culture’. She also works as a freelance designer for local bands and clubs. We caught up with Liz to find out more about her thoughts on celebrity culture and religion, and the implications of the 'selfie culture.'

Photography: Maggie West talks about KISS

Kissing is one of the purest and most universal forms of expressing love and affection. A subtle exchange of breath to a fiercely passionate kiss. If you thought voyeurism was something forbidden these photos will make you change your mind. Known for using tinted lighting, Maggie West talks about her debut book "KISS" and how she captured twenty beautiful couples sharing the sweetness and intensity that comes with a kiss. Happy Valentine's Day!

Ariella Starkman Talks About Her Experience Curating the “Bad Girls Club”

The topic of feminism is one that has taken many forms over the years. Women and men alike are constantly engaging in conversation about the role of women in society and in the art world. However, there are contentions within the art world for many female artists. Curator Ariella Starkman wanted to keep that mind when organising the Bad Girls Club in Toronto. We talked to Starkman about her experience with “Bad Girls Club” and the challenges involved in striving to create a unifying space.

Brandon Tauszik Talks About Photographing Oakland’s Black Barbers

Brandon Tauszik is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Well-travelled, his projects often explore moments of daily life just beyond the mainstream. One of his recent projects, Tapered Throne, takes a rare look at Oakland’s black barbers. As Brandon learned, barber shops are at the heart of Oakland’s black communities, operating as vital centres…

Alice Stein Talks About Dirty Kids: “Most of the kids were runaways, but others are simply born into the nomadic lifestyle”

Filmmaker Alice Stein spent two years filming the "dirty kids" at Rainbow Gatherings in the U.S. These ephemeral utopian celebrations held in remote woodland areas reject capitalism and mass media and have become the "mothership" for a whole generation of disenfranchised youth looking for a family and a place to call home. Lola Who has been lucky enough to catch up with Stein to find out more about her upcoming documentary film"Dirty Kids," and Rainbow Gatherings.

Introducing Hobbes Ginsberg: “”I identify as queer and go by she/they””

Hobbes Ginsberg is a 21-year-old photographer from Los Angeles.  The first photo album on her website titled “selfies” is just that, photos of herself. However, her self-portraits are far from a series of cellphone snaps in public bathrooms. Rather she creates beautiful colorscapes using makeup, floral clothing, denim backdrops and several colors of hair dye. Her attention to fashion, composition, color and…

“The feeling I would prescribe to humanity would be empathy” — Valerio Loi talks about Human Feelings As Drugs

Valerio Loi was inspired to create the Human Feelings As Drugs project when he recognized there was a difference in the pharmaceutical systems between his hometown in Italy and the UK. When Loi moved from Cagliari to London, he realized that medicines were much more accessible there than they were in his home country. Inspired by this contrast, Loi decided…

Photographer Nadia Bedzhanova: “This series is an ode to Moscow and the beauty of its girls”

When we look at Nadia Bedzhanova photographs, we see modelesque women posing in what feels like a kitch inspired backdrops and dramatic plant pots. However, the backdrops of these photoshoots have not been altered or created by any form; they are untouched and unabolished, resonating with memories of Russia and the Soviet Union before the Cold War. For this series…