Photography Interviews

Photographer Marlen Stahlhuth Tells Us Why “Burka is the New Punk”

Marlen Stahlhuth—or Leni—is a multi-media artist currently living in Berlin. Her schedule is bustling with creative projects, working as a fashion editor & photographer, and also freelancing for big venues like MTV and Vice, while also managing her personal livestyle blog Paperboats. Her work is colourful, unusual, and sometimes verges on controversial—she caught our eye … read more

Rupert Lamontagne talks about “50 Girls of Summer No. 3”

As the days slowly revert to their shorter states, skirts and pants start to become longer and the last of our bonfires transform into just burning red embers, Montreal-based photographer Rupert Lamontagne reminds us of the softer, romantic side of the season of sun. "50 Girls of Summer," a project influenced largely by the delicacy of the female figures exhibited, provides a calm and poetic resolution to the commencing of summertime and all of the beauty it encompasses. … read more

Interview with Photographer Francesca Beltran “Home is a state of mind”

The work of Mexican-born, New York-based photographer Francesca Beltran fuses tenderness with a taste of nostalgia. Both raw and ethereal, her images explore the subtle translucence that often exists between reality and dreamscapes. She creates visual narratives that offer glimpses into the “unbearable lightness of being,” which is fitting as she cites Milan Kundera as … read more

Alice Smeets Talks About “The Ghetto Tarot” and her Fascination with Haiti

Colorful, provocative, and avant-garde, this is how the Belgian photographer, Alice Smeets, presents her project ''The Ghetto Tarot.'' In this collection, she teamed up with local Haitian artists to recreate the surreal illustrations of an old tarot deck. The idea behind this project is not to glorify the ghetto and poverty, but to alter the … read more

Earth Magic – Photographer Rik Garrett Talks About Witchcraft

What if witches hadn't changed that much since medieval times and were still fairly close to the popular imagery conveyed by their early enemies during the classical witchhunts? In this collection, the American artist and photographer, Rik Garrett, signs a personal exploration of the relationship between witchcraft, the female form and nature. We spoke to Garrett about his passion for the occult, his relationship with nature, and his age-old photography techniques. … read more

Interview with Nadia Tarra & Arnaud Ele: Romancing the Swiss Alps

The beauty of the Swiss Alps is captured beautifully by photography duo, Arnaud Ele and Nadia Tarra. Their photography has a whimsical and youthful feel; capturing the world in muted, yet breathtaking photos with a vintage feel that brings upon a sense of nostalgia. In a world of overly edited and fine-tuned photography, Arnaud and … read more

Photography Interview with Krysta on “The West”

Arizona based photographer, Krysta Jabczenski, has the ability to take you to a dreamland through the images she produces. A calm, vacant vibe seems to settle over each scene whether the subject be a beautiful woman, an aging cactus, or a seemingly endless desert. When she began taking photos as a teenager, Jabczenski discovered her beloved Pentax K1000 and the wonders it could do. It quickly grew on her and no longer was photography a side hobby, this was a full-time project for life. … read more